Psit our Danish office cat
illustration by:
 Teit Baggesen Weylandt

30days drawing challenge was a challenge between two of our fellow designers.

They took turns at making digital drawings for 30 of their favorite things.
Hope you like it. Join in the fun here


Have you seen this ?

30 days challenge between our Lazy snail designers!
Have a look here and don't forget to like ;)
Mix & match

Vasilopita is the Greek New Year's cake which contains a hidden coin that gives good luck to the receiver.
This year’s lucky receiver of Lazy snail’s vasilopita was Ioanna!

Jannik Weylandt, our photographer, and partner went out on a Sunday stroll.

We like each other a lot. So sometimes we hang out after working hours, for example, to create this collaborative work of art which now decorates our office!
Enjoy! :)

We are 12 years old!
...and reddot award it is!
Tsatsakis rebranded products are ready to go. Α delicious journey begins!

Have a look here!

Have a look here

Just arrived.
Here are the very first "Bienna pet label" samples. They came out pretty great, we are thrilled

Download for free the SRFM NEON true type here 


This is one of our favorite designs that never met any printing ink :(
This was lazy snail's participation on an open call for a 3-day conference about the Samariá Gorge here in Crete.
Which by the way is the biggest in the island.
This is our proposal for a 6 x 4 main wall at the Stonetech factory. It is designed to look like a marble composition.
We liked it so much, that we can't wait until it is printed, so we want to share it with you.
An experimental illustration that was made back in early 2007.
The logo that appears is designed for a woodcraft company and this was a draft that was part of an idea for the company's main advertising campaign at the time.
The specific idea didn't go very far but the main and chosen concept at the end worked really good. See it here.