We are Lazy snail Design
a Nordic agency with a Mediterranean family.

We are a multi-awarded design agency with offices in Copenhagen Denmark & Heraklion Greece.

Among the languages we use, our favourite is the one that speaks to the eyes.
what defines our
geeks with passion
We’re geeks with a passion for creating designs based on strong ideas, and we love what we do! Our focus is to generate persuasive & gripping design concepts to reach out and leave a lingering impression into the mind of your target audience.
the best of both worlds
We are a Danish agency with a Greek family. The DNA of both worlds — minimal & maximal — flows freely throughout our work, enabling to reach out and design for different cultures all around the world, depending on the nature of the project at hand. Our clients include the private & public sectors, non-profit organizations & numerous cultural initiatives across Europe, North America, & Asia.
what defines our
the big idea
We feel that every design should have a robust Big Idea at its core. This big idea should be simple yet potent and needs to be clearly expressed in the design to leave a lasting impression.
We believe in leaving a better future for our children and future generations. The concept of eco-effective packaging inspires our design efforts and values. Our mission is to design packaging that actively supports the environment while achieving its business goals wherever possible.
We have worked on large FMCG companies, large-scale projects, coordinating many partners and handling numerous and complex deliverables; but also on small projects that require a more customized approach. We have thus learned how to achieve results within any budget, large or limited. While it’s nice to get a shiny trophy and a round of applause from peers, the real buzz in our line of work is finding great solutions for our clients.

Al Madinah Heritage Company, (a Public Investment Fund Company, PIF), Saudi Arabia
Danone S.A., Actimel France, France
Protei.CO Ü, Estonia
Charmist LLC, USA
Societe des Eaux Minerales d' Evian S.A.E.M.E. Volvic, France
Danone S.A., Top Lines Waters
Danone Universal Robina Beverages Inc., Philippines
Danone S.A. Actimel Global, France
Cava Spiliadis, USA & Canada
Minoan spora, Greece
Savoidakis S.A., Greece
Baking stories - Tsatsakis S.A., Greece
Feleagoods Ltd., Greece
Kiriakaki Antonia S.A., Greece
Candiasoil Ltd., UK
Olive oil Producers Co-operative of Viannos "Bienna", Greece
Votomos S.A., Greece
Rhous winery, Greece
Gea creta S.A., Greece
Evercrete P.C., Greece
Gamba ApS, Denmark


Sarantis Group, Czech Republic & Poland
Ena Karo, Greece
Hjem Ltd., Greece
Dear Skin, Greece


Parva Consulting S.P.A., Italy- Ireland- Luxemburg
Sophus Bang ApS, Denmark
Stellar Business Advisors Limited, United Kingdom
Crowe Statsautoriseret Revisionsinteressentskab v.m.b.a., Denmark
Etam S.A., Greece
Anelixis S.A., Greece
Cube Concept Ltd., Greece
Foroepilisis S.A., Greece


Wikimedia CH, Switzerland
D.tails, Denmark
De Kulturhistoriske Museer i Holstebro Kommune, Denmark
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Ramboll A/S, Denmark
Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH), Greece
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, school of Architecture, Denmark
Ucnet, University of Crete, Greece
School of Medicine, University of Crete, Greece
BYENSdesign Danmark, Denmark
Plastika Kritis S.A., Greece
EvodiaBio ApS, Denmark
Trupp Global Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India
Olas, Ireland
CLMedia Outdoor Multi-services, Poland
Cyberlogic G.P., Greece
FORGreenSoft, Greece-Germany-Austria


Al Madinah Heritage Company, (a Public Investment Fund Company, PIF), Saudi Arabia
Shanghai Meike Trading Co. Ltd., China
Happier S.A., Finland
Stonetech Group S.A, Greece
Marmil S.A., Greece
Zalakas Ltd., Cyprus
Spiros Kanakis S.A, Greece
Alyssis Ltd., Germany
Siganos S.A., Greece
Mr. Vertigo S.A., Greece
Delta mo S.A., Greece
Tsigenis S.A., Greece
iToocan, Greece
Pulp ApS, Denmark
Dyr i centrum ApS, Denmark


Minoan Lines S.A., Greece
Nikos Grillos S.A., Greece
Swissport-Aviareps S.A., Greece
Cretan holidays S.A., Greece
Digi Explorer Ltd., Greece
Lavris hotels S.A., Greece
Enorme hotels S.A., Greece
Paralos Hospitality S.A., Greece
Amalen Single Member P.C., Greece


MEDeat Network, Portugal - Italy - Greece - Cyprus
Eco -Tourists Network, Greece - Cyprus
Dive in our islands, Greece - Cyprus
Most, Greece - Uzbekistan - Kazakhstan - Tajikistan


Hjerl Hede, Open air Museum, Denmark
Urban II, Athens - Greece
Municipality of Chania, Greece
Municipality of Heraklion, Greece
Municipality of Archanes - Asterousia, Greece
District Union of Limassol communities, Cyprus
Waste management association of Crete (ESDAK), Greece
Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Service of Heraklion
Larnaca district Development Agency Ltd., Cyprus
Heraklion Development Agency S.A. Greece
Limassol Development Agency Ltd., Cyprus
Orea Kriti Network, Greece
Development Agencies network of insular Greece
‘Nisson Periplous’, Greece
Development corporation of Local authorities of Cyclades S.A., Greece
Lesvos Local Development company (etal) S.A., Greece
Banana Arvi Festival NGO, Greece

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