curious about us?
Why Lazy snail?
In Crete, where our agency was established, snails are considered one of the top delicacies of the island. Ioanna, our founder, used to eat them as well, until she got to meet one…personally. She rescued a snail that was meant to end up on her mother’s plate. 12 hours later, the fugitive created a beautiful pattern, so perfect and so aesthetic that it seemed as if it was purposeful.
That was it. The symbol was born. A Cretan creature working hard all night to create a design. And while someone might have thought the result was an accidental and maybe a bit lazy pattern on a carpet, to her it wasn't. She saw the hard work, the dedication, the beauty in it, and named the office after it. Needless to say, she never ate snails again.
Today Lazy snail Design still works under this philosophy. Markets, trends and disciplines are changing all the time, but to us there is one thing that always remains the same: the need to work, experiment and be creative with a task. And while most of the effort and energy behind a design is often unseen, it is for us the only way to reach a great idea.
Are you lazy?
No, of course not
We are good at what we do and have both the portfolio and the awards to prove it. What we are trying to communicate is that especially in a creative process, as with every line of craftsmanship, it is necessary to have a relatively fair amount of time in order to reach *that* idea. And we are definitely not slow either but for instance, if you need a design for tomorrow, we’ll probably not be able to assist.
Ok, but can you work fast?
Typically, we schedule projects several months ahead to ease our planning and ensure a smooth workflow. Nevertheless, we do have open slots in our schedule, allowing us to adjust our timetable to accommodate last minute requirements. We call this fast and curious. Have a look here. As you see, our snail is riding on a cat this time, speeding up processes but always delivering the quality of meticulous designs which created our style of work.
How much do your services cost?
We don’t have a cookie-cutter approach on pricing as every project is customized to your needs and the complexity of the work, and therefore so is our budget. Typically, a small project starts with an initial investment of around $10,000 - 40,000 but it really depends on the task. We are always open to exciting new ideas and do not have a fixed minimum investment requirement, so just reach out!
Are you expensive though?
Well, it depends on who you ask. Talented people with great understanding of design, different cultures, and technology, are not easy to find, right? Especially if they are averaging about 10 years of experience, as our close-knitted team does. Add the factor of being hands-on in global projects, and there you have it. A rare team to work for you.
Our rates are based on our salaries, and our honest expenses (except for when it comes to cat food, office chairs, and coffee, of course). Usually the value we generate for our clients can be multiple times the initial investment. We’re the good old value for money.
Is Lazy snail Design a pitch free zone?
Yes and no
We understand that for specific industries, like the public sector, that’s the only way. So in some cases we already have and will continue to participate in pitch processes, as long as the project is interesting and can really bring a change, a positive impact for the greater good.
Where are you located? Greece or Denmark?
Both. We have two amazing offices!
You will find us in our newly established Copenhagen office, really, really downtown.
And of course on the island of Crete, in Heraklion city. This is where Lazy snail Design was founded.
And of course, we are online, so that means we are not limited by any geographical boundaries. We are collaborating globally and can be real-time everywhere, as long as the time zones allow it.
Are your teams separated between Greece and Denmark?
No, we are one team
No matter where we are located. We know each other so well that in 2017, when we decided to have our office in Denmark it practically made no difference at all. And that was long before Covid.
Is everything you’ve done in your portfolio from the same team?
Our portfolio is 95% from the same people!
This is actually one of our proudest qualities. Our team has been together since, basically forever. We do not appreciate the fast pace of growth, common in many design agencies, that increases the hiring and the firing as per project, jeopardizing the quality of the work in each season. What you see on our site is a guaranteed quality that we will bring to your project as well, because it’s us who do it, and not celebrity designers who come and go. And of course, we actually really love our people and we want to be around them in the long term.
In which fields do you specialize?
Over the past 20 years, we have undertaken variety of projects in numerous countries, providing assistance to a wide range of industries. These include but are not limited to: B2B & B2C enterprises, Transnational collaborations, Museums, Finance, Travel, Hospitality, FMCG, Retail, Universities, NGOs, Technology, Industrial sectors, Consulting firms
Who is your favorite client?
The one that wants to make a positive impact and make a change with their project, product, or organization. However, our favorite client knows that every project needs some effort and therefore accepts our fees and charges, has and respects timelines, and of course doesn't tell us how to do the work 😊. Everyone has specific wants but our expertise can guide towards what you really need.