It’s thrilling to engage with clients from diverse regions and cultures.

We source our inspiration from your background and the locality of your business.

After all, what’s successful design, if not a way to express your vision while incorporating the values and symbols of your heritage?
Need our point of view? Let’s go through your needs in one insightful free hour.
It’s all about you. From the very first inquiry we invest the time to meet you, understand your needs, and get an all-rounded insight on the scope of your work. Yes, before your quotation!
What you get:
A warm and friendly meetup with our founders. You’ll get to hear about Lazy snail, our journey so far, and our stance towards design. To give you a better insight on how we’ll approach your line of work, we’ll see together some relevant projects from our portfolio. 
Moreover, we’ll provide you with some estimated figures as well as valuable tips, or an initial assessment for your project.
And if we meet at our Copenhagen or Heraklion office, we’ll make you a mean cup of coffee!
let's get in touch
Map of Copenhagen pinpointing Lazy snail's office at Rådhusstræde 5, 1, and landmarks like Norreport Station, City Hall, and the National Museum.
where you can find us
Map of Heraklion highlighting Lazy snail's Greek office at Ainikolioti 6, near Chanioparta and other key roads in the area.