Anni Honkaniemi
Co-founder, Partner, The Happier
Retail, Helsinki, Finland / Jul 23, 2021
"They created a unique visual identity that appeals to our customers and brands."
Lazy snail Design suggested a comprehensive approach to the client's market study, concept, and visual identity.
They came up with a new brand identity that helped the client achieve their sales targets for their first operating month. Moreover, the vendor provided an agile and easy workflow.
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Kim Eriksen
CEO, Dtails
IT Services, Denmark  / Feb 3, 2021
"Their creativity was amazing."

The new design assets have received positive feedback, and Lazy snail Design's process helped the client better understand their business' future.
They were hesitant to partner with a brand designer at first, but this clarity and the firm's openness to feedback made the engagement successful.
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Eva Katsaraki
Project Manager, Communications & Networking Dept.
Heraklion Development Agency  / Oct 18, 2018
“They bring fresh ideas to every project—new ways to present ideas, share messages, and design materials.”
Lazy snail Design’s exhibit design work received recognition and award for its quality and popularity. The team worked well under tight deadlines, communicating responsively and working diligently.
Their expansive skill set, dedication, and consistent performance led to future collaborations.
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